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Detailed workshop control and management. Use of labour operation codes to allow for time, efficiency analysis. Full warranty management. Split jobs/invoicing. Workshop Diary and Control screens. Time scheduling by Technician/work category. “Drag & Drop” control of appointments. Automated mailing/texting systems. Courtesy car management. Optional use of Franchise standard times. Time Recording system for electronic control of all time in workshop/dealership. Detailed time analysis. Links to third party data providers for DVLA lookup via Experian, HPl, Car History Check etc. Also used for valuations, post code lookup etc.

  • Labour Efficiency
  • Margin Analysis
  • Direct Time Entry
  • Integrated with Payroll
  • Menu Pricing
  • Appointments Schedule
  • Margin Analysis by Customer Type
  • WIP Monitoring
  • Technician Utilisation
  • Standard Labour Operations
  • Use Scheduled Times
  • Recognise Known Vehicle
  • Sublet Invoice Confirmation
  • Daily Performance Analysis
  • Warrenty Prompts and Notes
  • Recall Alert
  • Customer Related Charge Rates
  • Automatic Service Reminders
  • Standard Job Descriptions
  • Private Instructions
  • Picking List Production
  • Job Charge Element Extraction
  • Sublet Costing and Accrual
  • Isolate Unrecovered Time
  • Print Estimates
  • Mark Repeat Jobs
  • Multiple Workshop/Bodyshop
  • Warrenty Administration/Reconciliation
  • Quotation Follow Up
  • Courtesy Car Rental
  • Detailed Service History
  • Daily Cash Control
  • Insurance Excess Extraction

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