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Detailed parts system allowing for total control of all aspects of parts management. Detailed enquiry and analysis screens. Total drilldown to all source documents. Sales/Purchase Ordering subsystems. Stock Take with user defined parameters – seasonal, end of year and continuous. Tight control of fast/medium/slow-moving / dead stock.

  • Comprehensive Control of Parts Movement
  • Maintain Parts Kits
  • Specify Reserve level
  • Complete Margin Analysis
  • Automatic Stock Stratification
  • Cost by Replacement Average Last Confirmed
  • Special Order Management
  • Record Lost Sales
  • Monitor Buying Pattern and Stock Levels
  • Integration with Manufacturer Price Files
  • Application of Manufacturer Discount Codes
  • Monitor Service Stock Outs
  • Integrated with Marketing
  • Supplier Price Confirmation
  • Daily Cash Control
  • Daily Performance Analysis
  • Maintain Parts Notes
  • Stock Age Analysis
  • Surcharge Management
  • Multiple Supercessions
  • Alternative Items
  • Supplier Part Numbers
  • Automatic Customer Prices or Discounts
  • Detailed Margin Enquiry with Drill Down
  • Automatic Stock Order Suggestion
  • Stock Take Complete or Rolling
  • Parts Requirements from Service Appointments

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